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The Joys Of Gardening


Gardening is one of the best ways to de-stress and relax. Those who love gardening will agree how it fills them with happiness to see their hard work bear fruit when the garden blooms and looks beautiful. According to a recent study, gardening has a therapeutic and calming effect on your senses. When you feel calm and peaceful, it reflects on your overall health.

 Here’s why gardening is a good hobby to pursue:

  • Gardening requires a lot of hard work. Digging the soil, watering the plants, picking the weeds and raking the leaves. All this demands a lot of physical exercise. It keeps you healthy and helps to shed a few pounds.

  • All this turmoil, digging, weeding and trimming helps to vent out negativity. It helps you stay positive and uplifts your mood.

  • Gardening is a hobby that teaches patience. Once you plant a sapling, you need to nurture it and wait patiently till the time it blooms.

  • Being in the company of nature brings peace and joy. The colourful flowers in full bloom and the greenery is a treat to the eyes, the sweet smell of the soil is therapeutic and helps relieve stress. This environment has a calming effect on your senses. It creates a serene and peaceful environment and keeps you healthy.

  • Gardening is a creative pursuit. When the flowers bloom and the garden looks beautiful, it gives you satisfaction. It makes you feel worthwhile, instilling positivity and shifting your focus from stress and depression.

  • A garden in full bloom is precious and it brings immense joy to the gardener. The happiness of being able to create and nurture something so wonderful is matchless. It helps you understand the importance of the smaller but real pleasures of life and pursue them.

  • If you have a vegetable garden, you can grow and use the organic produce from your own garden and also pot your favourite herbs. Nothing can be healthier than the organic vegetables and herbs produced in your own garden.

  • Put a bird feeder in your garden. Nothing can be as soothing and peaceful as having your morning cuppa amidst the beauty of your garden, enjoying the colourful flowers in full bloom, and listening to the chirping of birds.


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